Autumn – aki あき

By: Rora

Oct 02 2010

Category: Japan

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Fall is finally creeping around, but not fast enough. The weather is slowly getting chillier at night, but daytime is still in the 80’s for the most part. I know I should not be impatient for the cold, but it’s already October and the trees are still green! October foliage has always been my favorite. Every time I see a yellow leaf here I pick it up, but they are few and far between.

Japan does have four seasons (in fact, did you know that there is this rumor floating around on the internet that Japanese people think they are the only country that has four seasons? It may sound silly, but I quickly realized that I always think of fall / seasons as very unique to New England, so I can understand how the Japanese might feel) but southern Japan has a climate more like… the southern US, I suppose. This is the first time I’ve spent autumn in such a warm place. We will get our fall, we will get our foliage, but it won’t fall on my birthday like it always has. And that’s weird.

BUT, the weather here is generally lovely. Not having foliage is balanced out by the fact we will have almost no snow to deal with! Hohoho.

I’m happy to be able to learn about how autumn here is different. The other day at the school where I work, I learned a few new facts. Did you know that insects here sound different in the fall than they do in the summer, because they are sensitive to heat. Also, the clouds in the sky look different depending on which season it is. Fall is known for skies filled with tiny, puffy clouds. I have also noticed that fall is a time where many people burn brush, which leaves the air smelling smoky and rich. Which is exactly how it smelled at the Autumn Equinox ceremony I went to last week. Eryk blogged about it, and you should listen to the audio, because it’s beautiful.


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