Bath towel – basutaoru バスタオル

By: Rora

Oct 21 2010

Category: Japan

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There are a lot of things (too many to list) that I wish I had brought with me to Japan. But one thing I am most glad I brought, that I almost didn’t, is my favorite childhood towel. It has ducks on it, and some of the ducks are wearing hats or bowties, and the ducks are surrounded by orange and blue polka dots. My (deceased) grandparents gave it to me. I stopped using it because I was afraid it was going to get ratty and I wanted to keep it preserved, because it was my favorite towel as a kid and one of the few material objects that I have from them. When I was at my parents house right before I left to fly out here, I noticed they had it in their regular towel rotation. I think they even used it to dry off their dog. So it was on a whim that I snagged it and brought it here to protect it. Also, Japan doesn’t sell big towels. It seemed pragmatic.
But I don’t mind small towels, really, and I’m mostly glad I brought the duck towel for sentimental reasons. No matter what kind of detergent I wash it in, the towel smells like it was sitting in a hot car after a day at the beach. It smells amazing. I burry my nose in it and feel 5 again. It’s the closet thing I’ve ever had to a security blanket (I was always more of a thumb sucker than a blanket kid).


One comment on “Bath towel – basutaoru バスタオル”

  1. Goldie misses her towel. – Just kidding !

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