Japanese Songs I Sing: Fushigi no poketto ふしぎのポケット

At my school we sing. A lot! The same songs every day, for weeks at a time. Most of the songs are in English but we sing one Japanese song a day that changes every few weeks. I want to do my best to document and remember all of the Japanese songs, so this will be a new installment of my blog called “Japanese Songs I Sing”

This is the most recent song and my favorite yet. It’s called ふしぎのポケット “Fushigi no poketto,” which is a song about a pocket that produces biscuits when you hit it. The video illustrates this adorably, of course. At school when we sing it, we ask the kids “what do you think this song is about?” and many of them do know, but many others give the funniest responses. “It’s about a man with many pockets!” was one. Close!

I love singing and I love getting to sing every day with these kids, which is hokey and that’s fine. A lot of the English songs we do are awful and get on my nerves, but it’s still cathartic to get to sing it all out at the end of the day before we leave. The Japanese songs are particularly interesting because they are a novelty, and they are catchy, and the kids are so excited for any excuse to do anything Japanese so there’s also that enthusiasm and energy. It’s a release valve for them. For me, too. I find that I’m happiest musically when I’m with other people (I miss my musician friends back home so so so so so much. Need to find some of those here) so getting to sing every day with 40 Japanese children is quite the treat.


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