Cleanliness – Day 3

By: Rora

Dec 01 2010

Category: Japan

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So, my Wednesday is ending just as most of yours is beginning! Here’s how it went.

Breakfast: Eggs are my new best friends but I miss cereal so much. 2 eggs, scrambled. 1 mikan orange.

Lunch: my usual salad and onigiri, as described in yesterday’s post. Also had a serving of yesterday’s leftover rice + veggies dish (I’ll post that recipe below!) and barley tea.

Snacks: 2 more mikans (my coworker brought some from her grandmother’s house in Nagasaki! wow!), 1 banana, cup of coffee.

Dinner: more rice + veggies dish with some tortilla chips (should I stop eating these? because I feel like I shouldn’t eat them, and yet the ingredients seem harmless), and a bowl of miso soup, which was so welcome in the cold.


I’d like to start branching out a bit more, which is not impossible but will involve some effort. Beans would be great, but there aren’t a lot of places that sell beans here. I’ve heard that my nearest grocery store sells quinoa but I’m not sure how to identify it. I also really wish I could get my hands on some hummus! Aside from these healthy wishes, I’m not going to lie, I really want some junk food. It always hits me worst in the middle of the afternoon, and right after dinner.

I also wonder if I am consuming enough calories. Although weight loss would be great, I also don’t want to be putting my body into shock! Anybody have any thoughts on this?


I’ll leave you with the recipe for the rice + veggies dish I made. It tastes really similar to Spanish rice. So let’s call it that.

Japanese Spanish Rice

2 cups short grain white rice (but really any kind is fine I’m sure)

1 can of tomato chunks

ANY veggies you want- I used what I had: Kabocha pumpkin, carrots, white onion

Olive oil

Spices: cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, sesame seeds

Cook rice in rice cooker. Sautee pumpkin and carrot with a little water and olive oil so they get soft, adding chilli pepper, salt, garlic, cumin. When rice is finished cooking, using the rice cooker as your bowl, stir in the canned tomatoes, sauteed veggies. Dice the onion into small pieces and stir it in (raw isn’t necessary but I like the flavor better). Garnish with sesame seeds. Pretty easy stuff!


One comment on “Cleanliness – Day 3”

  1. Thoughts on calories: sounds like you’re getting enough but the rice may be making you hungry?

    I try to eat 1400 a day (for weight loss) and one good day for me looks like this:

    Breakfast: yogurt and bran fiber cereal with a splash of milk, 300

    Lunch: vegetable stir fry of some sort, sometimes with a little pasta, mikan 400-600

    Snack: fruit, < 100

    Dinner: any combination of omelettes, egg toast (eggs-in-the-basket), salmon, vegetable stir fries, pasta, mikans/bananas, 400-600

    Re: Beans

    I buy lentils and chickpeas at Kaldi Import grocery store. They come from a can (put there by a man) and are 204 yen a pop. You can probably find them in that cool import grocery at Parco in Tenjin too.

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