Cleanse Wrap Up!

By: Rora

Dec 06 2010

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Well, after Friday night’s Chinese food insanity, I decided to try my hardest to get back on track, but also to be a little nicer to myself about breaking the rules. Life is all about compromise, yeah?

Saturday I did really well all day. Woke up and had eggs for breakfast (have figured out the secret to eating plain eggs is to zest them up with garlic, salt and pepper. mmm!). Had sushi for lunch (sans soy sauce) and pad thai for dinner (kind of a stretch to say this is cleanse friendly, but it IS rice noodles and veggies after all right? I was out and wanted to find a restaurant that could work. It was delish.) After dinner I was craaaving desert, but luckily we stumbled upon a juice shack where I got a delicious cabbage, spinach and fruit smoothie. Perfect! I saw the man putting everything in the blender- no dairy or other weird additives, just straight plant matter! Nice.

Sunday was more difficult. I had a work conference all day… and I left my lunch/snacks at home. From the moment I stepped into the lobby I knew it was gonna be trouble- there was a table set up stocked with croissants and muffins. Next to the muffins were little cups of grapes and apples. Standing in front of that table was a total devil and angel on each shoulder situation. In the end I went for the grapes. Lunchtime, my boss and coworkers all headed to “Makuu”– McDonalds. Ahh! No! I went to a grocery store and bought some rice, a banana and some fresh strawberries (a total rarity here). Another crisis averted. Except then for the second half of the day I was starrrving because my lunch wasn’t enough. Trapped on a university campus with nothing close by except those damn muffins downstairs… so I caved and bought one. I ate about a third of the gigantic thing. It kept me full until dinner- veggie stir fry.

But then I had ice cream Sunday night so… didn’t exactly end the week on a high note, BUT, I’d still say this cleanse was an overall a success and a huge learning experience. I lasted FIVE full days completely eating clean food, and you know, tried to make good decisions on the weekend. And honestly, despite my digressions, I still had much healthier days on Saturday and Sunday than I otherwise would have.

Most importantly for me, I learned that I do, in fact, have some amount of self control when it comes to resisting desert (this was probably the longest amount of time in my life that I have gone without touching a sweet).

Will I do a cleanse like this again? Potentially! I’m going to keep drinking as much water as I can. I never quite got up to a gallon but I eventually want to, because I know that dehydration is a huge reason why I feel tired and achey sometimes. Eggs for breakfast is lovely and great. I will definitely be avoiding desert as much as I can now, too. It might be a good idea for me to restrict myself more on weekdays, relax on weekends. Some sort of balance.

So, THANKs everybody for following me! And thanks to the other awesome bloggers out there who were also doing this cleanse. It was great to read about everybody’s experiences and learn some tasty recipes. And of course, thanks to Emilie for hatching this crazy scheme in the first place! It came at a great time.

Emilie at One Mom in Maine
Brooke at Action Mama
Stephani at Limbo.

2 comments on “Cleanse Wrap Up!”

  1. Great job!!

  2. Expect a comment on every single entry going back in time – why have I waited this long to read your blog?

    I’ve been trying to do the “healthy living” thing too. If you’d met me 6 months before you did, I’d be considerably bigger, a heavy smoker, and shoveling rice and candy bars into my face 24/7. In my experience “restrict on weekdays, relax on weekends” works very nicely. My next hurdle is learning that “relax” doesn’t mean “eat so much food no one else at the table has time to get any.” Sorry for eating all the Chinese food last week 😉

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