Photography – fotogurafii フォトグラフィー

By: Rora

Dec 12 2010

Category: Japan

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Yesterday I went to the Fukuoka Museum of Art to see the Russian Avant-garde exhibit, which was mostly billed as a Marc Chagall show. I like Chagall and was curious to see his paintings, but I tend to get wary of artists who receive a lot of attention, even if it is attention that they deserve. Which is why I was so excited to walk into a room full of photographs by Soviet photographer Alexander Rodchenko, whose work I’ve always loved but never seen in person. He was a graphic designer who used photographs to construct communist posters, but in the end his photography became famous in its own right. He experimented with angles and composition in a way that few people had done before him.

Tonight I was strolling through the photography section of Yodabashi camera, an electronics store, with my boyfriend and discovered the darkroom supply section. I held a film reel container in my hand and demonstrated how to use it- agitate for 30 seconds, set it down, agitate again every thirty seconds until six minutes have passed. I explained how to load film into an enlarger and how to burn in a light area of a print. I miss that so much, and it’s crazy to think how much time has passed since I last set my hands upon any darkroom supplies. Eventually, we’re going to buy what we need to develop our own film at home, because it is so expensive to have it done at a lab here. Sadly, though, it’s not logistical (money and space wise, both) to get an enlarger and make my own prints. Someday, I hope.


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