On cooking Tex-Mex in Japan

By: Rora

Feb 14 2011

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Category: Japan

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1. The Chip

The chip is difficult but not impossible to acquire. You gotta find a good import store, that’s the trick. My usual import store sells two types of plain tortilla chip. One is actually Doritos, believe it or not. Unflavored Doritos. They are a little bizarre because the corners are rounded instead of pointy and they don’t have a stale texture but the taste is slightly sawdusty if you eat the chip naked. The other brand of chips are called EL SABOR NACHO which always makes me think of “el sabor de soledad” from 30 Rock. The best part about EL SABOR NACHO is that the back of the package is entirely in Russian. Also EL SABOR’s mascot is an alligator wearing a sombrero. So obviously El SABOR wins on many counts, not to mention that they taste better anyways.

2. The Salsa

Costco sells giant vats of your everyday Pace or whatever brand salsa and it is amazing. I’m a reformed salsa snob. Had to simply get over it.

3. The Cheese

Cheese is really expensive in Japan because there is no farmland and 90% of cheese in this country is camembert for some reason. Camembert is such an annoying cheese. It’s not hugely objectionable, it’s just so bland despite being so closely related to brie. At first I thought it was a weird cheese for a nation to become enamored with, but I think Japan likes it because it sounds very French (and Japan loves France more than it loves America) but it doesn’t assault their sensitive tastebuds like pretty much every other cheese would. Anyways, fortunately for my nachos, our nearest grocery store sells shredded “4 cheese” which is as close as you’ll ever get to an appropriate cheese for nachos. It tastes amazing.

4. The Sour Cream

Sour cream, to my initial horror, is essentially solid matter. Luckily it wasn’t solid because it had gone bad or anything. It’s creamy, but in the sense that cold butter is creamy. It melts in the microwave.

5. Guacamole

Avocados are expensive but as tasty as ever.

6. Tortillas

The price of tortillas? The equivalent of $12 USD for 10 of them. Only flour, no corn. Appreciate your cheap tortillas while you can, people!




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