Spring and Sasaguri Nanzoin

By: Rora

Feb 21 2011

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Category: Japan

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Where I come from, we have a saying that we “earn” our beautiful summers by suffering through such harsh winters.

Japanese winters aren’t harsh by my original standards, but I’ve redefined the idea of harshness to also include uninsulated buildings and open windows all winter. While Maine air drops far below freezing and Maine ground is always covered with snow, I have never felt so able to face the elements as I have this past winter in Japan, shivering at night next to a space heater, shivering day after day in an unheated school with open windows to circulate the germy air.

My point is that spring is coming and it is GLORIOUS, and not just because of the cherry blossoms. Spring is a window of time when the air here is comfortable and the world inhabitable. I relish this. The heat, once summer comes, will be even more of a force to reckon with than the cold.

Now that the weather is nicer, I want to start taking as many day trips as possible. The other day I finally visited the giant reclining Buddha statue near my house. It is only 3 train stops away! The largest bronze statue in the world! How lucky. As far as religious sites go, this one is pretty amazing. It felt like being at a Buddhist theme park, but in a honest and good kind of way. There is also a large bamboo forest with hiking trails nearby. I’m so excited that this place is so nearby.

The Buddha’s feet are lucky, so you are supposed to touch them and pray. They are quite beautiful feet, no?


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